Things you don’t know you don’t know (unknown unknowns) are the most significant cause of lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and negative reputation for yourself and your business!

  • Whereas typical advisors provide market research, analysis, insights, and entry strategies; their services typically end when your journey begins…
  • Whereas traditional consultants provide partner recommendations, arrangements, negotiation prep, and risk mitigation strategies; you are still left to navigate a cultural minefield with myopic lenses…
  • Whereas human capital, people performance, and leadership programs measure and develop talent, they don’t solve China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)…

Become a master of cross-cultural performance and achieve more favorable outcomes in China, consistently and predictably!

EME China Advisory Services are project-based collaborations that begin with a free consultation. All of our programs include:

  • 1-on-1 China Business Advisory Sessions*
  • China Business 101 Lessons
  • Cross-Cultural Performance 101 Coaching

*All session milestones are based on unique client circumstances and requirements.

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[CB101] CHINA BUSINESS 101 in 7 Common Engagements is LIVE


Achieving better outcomes in multicultural environments begins with a framework of understanding followed by a journey towards cross-cultural performance mastery. CB101 applies two foundational soft skills to the most common business engagements in China.

Content of each lesson includes:

  • Biggest Misperceptions
  • Greatest Challenges
  • Common Mistakes
  • Killer Tips
  • Video Brainstorming Session

Learn to recognize your China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs), and more importantly, how to overcome them to achieve predictably more favorable personal and professional success in China.


EME offers training courses in both Chinese and English. These are our standard offerings:

  • Cross-Cultural Management course (16-hour)
  • Mindset for China Business workshop (half-day)
  • Cross-Cultural Performance workshop (half-day)

All of our training materials are based on our original soft skills development tools and concepts, and any of these classes can be customized to fit your specific training needs. Please contact us to discuss more about designing a custom program to achieve your intended outcomes.

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