Don’t allow UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS cost you $millions$ in lost revenue, opportunity costs, and reputation! If you can imagine the potential upside, we can help you achieve it!

Your organization, partners, and followers need you. Everyone wins when you emerge more empathic to the emotions and value differences of all stakeholders and have greater cultural-, situational-, and self-awareness.

Let us guide you step-by-step across the complexities of doing business in China and master the essential soft skills to overcome all of your China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs):

  • Sustain more favorable outcomes beyond the honeymoon period
  • Discover hidden solutions within yourself
  • Develop Chinese leadership qualities
  • Improve how you are perceived by uncovering myopic tendencies
  • Save time, energy, and resources
  • CHINA BUSINESS 101­ coaching
  • IMPROVE PERCEPTIONS .. when you uncover myopic tendencies

  • REDUCE MISPERCEPTIONS .. when you understand cultural dichotomies

  • WIN-WIN & SAVE .. when you solve your China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)


CLD NATION is a fellowship dedicated to assisting companions on a journey towards cross-cultural performance mastery. Our evolving mission is to guide, train, and support one another with lessons, examples, and tips for developing two foundational soft skills (self-awareness and empathy) at the intersection of doing business in China (or any cross-cultural engagement) to achieve more favorable outcomes.


The EME story began in 2015 in Shanghai, China with the idea that culture matters!

EME is an acronym. This first ‘E’ means to Empower, and the following ‘ME’ has two meanings.

1. ME = Multicultural Environments
2. ME = You

Our mission is to empower individuals (you) towards greater success in multicultural environments.


We love hearing from our members and followers, and we welcome you to ask us anything. Give us a suggestion, tell us about your CLD experience, or inquire about becoming a partner, keynote speaker, contributor, sponsor, or affiliate.

EME also has a history of bringing onboard interns to join our marketing team.