DON’T ALLOW Your Unknown Unknowns to Cost You Millions

NOTE: This might be worth reading .. IF you have significant exposure in China .. AND you are a decision-maker The premise behind China Advisory and Consulting Services at EME China Consultants is simple to conceptualize, but problematic in practice because very few people can reconcile their incongruent beliefs when assailed with absurd assertions. Simply put, most … Read moreDON’T ALLOW Your Unknown Unknowns to Cost You Millions

EME Story

The EME story began in 2015 in Shanghai, China with the idea that culture matters! EME is an acronym. This first ‘E’ means to Empower, and the following ‘ME’ has two meanings. 1. ME = Multicultural Environments 2. ME = You Our mission is to empower individuals (you) towards greater success in multicultural environments. EME … Read moreEME Story