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Doing Business in China

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Achieving better outcomes in multicultural environments begins with a framework of understanding followed by a journey towards cross-cultural performance mastery. Learn to recognize your China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) and, most importantly, how to overcome them to achieve personal and professional success in China.

China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) almost always result in an unexpected disappointment! Approaching any interpersonal or business relationship in China using the same thinking, ways of working, and “normal” behaviors do not lead to the same results you’d expect in the USA or Europe. There are fundamental differences in the thinking process and values. Don’t expose yourself due to a lack of awareness, myopia or with unknown unknowns! Get prepared!

We’re here to show you how to crack the CLD code with our FREE China Business 101 mini-course.


• Cross-Cultural Performance overview (bonus)
• L1 Communications 101
• L2 Negotiations 101
• L3 Aligning Objectives 101
• L4 Partnering 101
• L5 Team Building 101
• L6 Chinese Consumers 101
• L7 Leadership 101
• L8 Chinese Employees 101 (bonus)