Hey GaryVee, you CAN create new Origins to develop Empathy

GaryVee thanks his parents, crediting his childhood environment and way he was raised, as the ORIGINS of his self-awareness and empathy. He combined those skills, with humility, hard work, and foresight to chart a journey of success.

His success is not luck! He connects self-awareness and empathy with guts and action backed by his 51/49 mantra.

For the rest of us trying to learn from GaryVee, seeking direction and motivation from following him, how do we acquire self-awareness and empathy when we cannot change our ORIGINS?

That’s a pessimistic question, so allow me to rephrase:

  • Can empathy be trained and developed at a later age?

YES. It requires imagination and purpose-driven curiosity.

  • How can I replicate Gary’s “curiosity for discovery” when my worldview is immutable?

Stubbornness inhibits some curiosity, but you can unlock the rest with a combination of mental courage, optimism, and psychological rethinking.


I grew up in the deep south at a time when there were very few Asians in Atlanta, so I was always self-conscious about my outer appearance and how others perceived me. Analogous to Gary’s attribution to his upbringing, I can likewise credit the somewhat negative experiences of my childhood for the higher levels of self-awareness I have today.

But not all!


I developed the majority of my self-awareness over the past ten years by overcoming career and personal adversity, looking beyond the present circumstances and envisioning a positive transformation in the future based on my controllable actions. I held onto two steadfast mentalities (mindsets):

  1. Optimism — “The best is yet to come.”
  2. Patience — “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Had I worked as hard as Gary, perhaps I would be more successful, but I too am running a marathon, not a sprint.

I am also aware there is a direct correlation between my success and how hard andsmart I work, but I couldn’t reach that success without my two foundational soft skills,empathy and self-awareness.


If you are reading these articles, I encourage you to try and discover your ORIGINS in the present. Try to connect experiences that lead to positive or negative emotions with the source of the outcome.

Your self-awareness and empathy influence your AMA values (attitude, mindset, approach), and this directly translates into how others perceive you. You can change the perceptions of others to be more positive by adjusting your AMA values.

You will know what adjustments to make with empathy and self-awareness.

The relationship between AMA values and these two skills is circular and become self-reinforcing habits once your mind is conditioned to think in those terms.


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