China Leadership Dilemmas or CLDs occur when we experience unexpected disappointments caused by myopia, unknown unknowns, and lack of awareness. We call them China Leadership Dilemmas as an analogy with The Innovator's Dilemma (Clayton Christensen), which broadly explains how successful companies often become victims of your own success, fail to cannibalize their existing products, and succumb to disruptive technologies marketed by more nimble startups.

Likewise, successful leaders often fail to achieve the outcomes they desire, especially when doing business in China, because they too cannot reconcile making the adjustments needed to thrive in a new cultural paradigm where prior ways of thinking, working, and behaving no longer lead to the intended positive reactions nor expected outcomes for any cross-cultural engagement.

We tell our clients, "You are experiencing a China Leadership Dilemma, but the good news is, achieving different outcomes is 100% controllable. You just need to make some positive adjustments to your attitude, mindset, and approach, what we call AMA Values."


EME’s early followers ranged from students seeking to gain a career advantage in multinational companies to Chinese executives struggling to succeed on a global stage, so “career” was included in the business name.

EME Career Consultants will now be rebranded as EME China Consultants to address the new focus of helping global leaders overcome their China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) to achieve better outcomes and discover hidden solutions within themselves to successfully navigate the complexities of doing business in China.


China business challenges, Clairvoyant solutions!