4 thoughts on “CHINA BUSINESS 101 in 7 Common Engagements – Lesson 1

  1. Welcome everyone to the first CB101 lesson! I hope you watched the intro video and read some of the articles so you have a framework to begin this journey. Please leave your comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you.

  2. I did watch the introductory video, and this video. I could relate to and understand lots of what you said. Thanks for posting this. I’ll look for part II.

    Mark Patricola
    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    former Nantong, Jiangsu

  3. Hi Gene

    This is Ann from china , i am sorry that as facebook and google are blocked in china, i can’t reach to your video, can you send me in another way?
    i really want to learn that and want to know what do foreigners think about china, thanks .

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